Orangetheory Fitness Members Across the Nation are Raving: Orangetheory Fitness Trainers and Staff are the Best

Orangetheory Fitness trainers and staff go all out to serve up the hottest workout in the nation and create a Fit Fam that’s stronger than any other. Here’s what members across the country are saying about their trainers and their transformations.

Pop quiz! (But don’t worry—it’s the fun kind.)

1.      Who’s your favorite trainer at Orangetheory Fitness South Achorage?

2.      What’s your favorite thing about the staff?

3.      Would the workouts be the same without them?

If you’re like the rest of the OTF Nation, answering these questions was a breeze.

Orangetheory members across the nation aren’t just raving about the fun 60-minute workout that keeps burning calories for up to 36 hours. They’re also speaking up about how much they love Orangetheory Fitness trainers and staff.

In each heart-pumping, addictive session at Orangetheory Fitness in South Anchorage, Alaska, you get the energy of a group workout combined with the attention of a personal trainer. The amazing staff makes you feel welcome the second you walk in. Welcome home, welcome to your Fit Fam. They know you, understand what you’re burning for, and go all out to burn for you.

We’re confident that our trainers and staff are a huge part of what makes the difference between a workout that sticks and a gym that stinks—and between a successful fitness transformation and resignation.

Take a look at what Orangetheory Fitness members from studios around the country are saying about their experience with their trainers and their transformations.

Kristie R. from Dublin, Ohio, says every instructor is awesome.

“I can't say enough about the Orangetheory workouts and the amazing staff in the Dublin location. I'm a part of a fitness family that has truly brought out the best in me. I used to dread making time for exercise and now I crave these classes. I've been a member for over a year and there is no burnout factor because all of the variety in workout templates. Every single instructor is awesome, but coach Jen always brings an extra smile to my Friday mornings as she throws a few dance moves into her coaching. Thank you Team OTF - I love you!"


Marc B. from Totowa, New Jersey, knows Orangetheory Fitness trainers are top notch.

“One word: amazing. The staff and trainers are incredible. From the moment you walk in with a warm smile from the front desk to the personalized approach that each of the trainers take, despite being in a group format, is incredible. Eli, CT (Gunzz), Cyril, Alec and Tone - all top notch, energetic and motivating coaches. Each one has their own style, each one challenges you to levels you never thought you could achieve, each one is amazing.

“After just one month, people were noticing a difference which motivated me to continue. Six months after my first class, I was down 40 pounds to 205 and am currently a size 32. The biggest problem with that was none of my clothes fit me anymore (not a bad problem to have) which forced me to shop for new, better fitting attire and I feel better than ever. I have more energy, more confidence and more desire to continue focusing on my health.” 


Kimberly G. from Rock Hill, Misouri, says her trainers keep her motivated.

“The class has pushed me harder than I ever knew possible. I've been going 3-5 times a week and MISS working out on my days off! In my first 6 or 7 weeks I lost 15 lbs which blew me away! The trainers at our Rock Hill location blow me away with the motivation and encouragement! Orangetheory has changed my life not only physically but mentally as well! I can't wait to see the rest of my progress!


How have the trainers and staff at Orangetheory Fitness South Anchorage helped you transform?

We burn for you. We love to hear how we’re doing, what you love best about the workout, and your fitness transformation stories.

Your fellow members love to hear it, too. Hop on over to our Facebook Reviews page and give a shout-out to your favorite trainers and staff, share what goals you’ve reached, and let the OTF Nation hear what you love most about livin’ la vida Orange!

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