Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine!

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your closet. Orangetheory Fitness South Anchorage shares this year’s Spring cleaning checklist to help remove the “clutter” from your fitness routine and get you back on track.

Spring is right around the corner, and you know what that means: Spring cleaning! Along with that old blazer with the shoulder pads that is just never going to come back into style, it’s also time to Spring clean your fitness routine. Winter is a time when many of us slip from our healthy habits, but Spring is a chance for a fresh start! 

Although we can’t help you clean out your closet, here are a few tips on how to clean up your act for a healthier, happier, and oranger life! So grab your pen and get ready to start checking things off your list, because we are going to burn through this spring cleaning the Orangetheory Fitness way!

     Toss out those old running shoes.

 Running shoes should be replaced anywhere from 300 to 500 miles after the first wear. When you start going ALL OUT at Orangetheory Fitness South Anchorage, your focus should be on the workout and how the exercises make your body feel—not the pain or discomfort you’re suffering from a worn-out pair of sneakers. Apply this “to-do” to your other fitness gear as well. If it hurts or makes you uncomfortable, it’s not worth the wear and will ultimately distract you from your workout.

     Forget your fear of food.

We understand that nutrition plays a major role in fitness, but eating well and eating clean doesn’t mean being scared of food! We all need energy for our active lives—especially when we start burning through our high-intensity Orangetheory workouts. Consider consulting with a certified nutritionist about a healthy, balanced meal plan to match your personal fitness goals and individual exercise level. As for a workout that delivers results, we’ll have you covered!

     Stop thinking of working out as a chore.

We’ve got you covered on this one! It’s safe to say that if you hate your workout, you’re not going to get very far on your fitness journey. At Orangetheory Fitness we pride ourselves on one-of-a-kind high energy workouts that won’t have you constantly glancing at the clock. Experienced coaches, loud music, and a fit fam that’s giving their all will keep you fully energized and engaged in the Orange Zone. 

     Get rid of feeling alone.

Your Orangetheory family will be right here with you. We’ll all be together on this fitness journey, with truly amazing goals to burn for. And your OTF South Anchorage trainers will be here to keep you motivated and burning on the right path with challenging, calorie-burning moves. So get ready to join a tight-knit community where we’re all in it and here for each other. 

     Toss out the doubt.

Don’t second-guess the fitness process. Our workouts are backed by science. If you’re eating right and working out your body WILL change; it’s just a matter of time. Stress, on the other hand, has been linked to weight-gain—so quit stressing it! Just get ready to start burning and keep burning! 

     Lose your vision of “the end.” 

Fitness isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. Rather than focusing on the end result—that perfected vision of what you want to look like some day—make the journey fun. Try delicious new recipes, go outside with your loved ones and get active, and most importantly, make sure you love your workout. We’re so sure you’ll love the Orangetheory workout that we want you to try a free class when we open.

     Don’t ever forget to reward yourself.

Get into this mentality even before you start burning here at Orangetheory Fitness South Anchorage. Whether you’ve reached a weight loss goal, trimmed down the time it takes to run a mile, or finally fit into those old skinny jeans, no accomplishment is too small to be acknowledged. Keep in mind that fitness journeys have their ups and downs. Don’t punish yourself when something doesn’t go as planned. Even if you don’t progress as quickly as you want or almost reach your goal (but not quite), celebrate the fact that you are working toward your goals. Not everyone can say that! Whether you decide to treat yourself to a sports massage, a new outfit, or even an occasional cheat meal, you’ll definitely deserve a pat on the back!


Spring cleaning is pretty easy, right? You’ve totally got this! Just throw out those bad habits, sign up for Orangetheory Fitness in South Anchorage, Alaska, and get ready to spring toward your goals with a fresh new fitness routine. See you in the Orange Zone!


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